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The Denver League publishes nonpartisan pro/con information about local ballot issues that are placed before Denver voters. We normally publish  brochures for free distribution and post the information here as soon as it is available. 

Municipal Run-Off Election - Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Shall the voters of the City and County of Denver enact a measure prohibiting the use of public monies, resources or fiscal guarantees in connection with any future Olympic Games, without the City first obtaining voter approval at a regularly scheduled municipal election or special election should the City decide to use public monies, resources or guarantees for this purpose?

There is concern that money and resources might be spent by the City of Denver before voters express willingness to host an Olympic Games.

Those in favor say:

  • If taxpayer dollars are to be spent bidding or hosting future Olympics in Denver, voters should have the right to approve or reject that spending ahead of time.
Those opposed say:
  • The text of the amendment to the Denver Revised Municipal Code is too broad and could cause unintended consequences. Due to the word "indirectly" in the amendment, this could prohibit Denver officials from participating in the planning of a bid for the Olympics without a vote approving that participation. Elected officials are a critical stakeholder in decisions made about bids and planning of these types of events and this amendment would stymie their ability to be involved.
  • It is unlikely the Olympics will be coming to Denver because the cities hosting the games have already been selected through the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. It is unprecedented for two Olympics to be hosted by the same country consecutively. This means the next Olympics Denver would likely host would not be until 2050. This initiative addresses an issue now for an event potentially 30 years in the future.
  • This initiative makes a decision about the Olympics for the entire state, without statewide approval. This initiative should be a statewide ballot initiative because stakeholders of this issue do not just reside in Denver, they reside across many parts of the state. 
Municipal Election - Tuesday, May 7, 2019
In-person voter registration can occur through Election Day.
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