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About League of  Women Voters of Denver


The League of Women Voters of Denver is an unusual organization -- nonpartisan, grassroots, and multi-issue -- that is a recognized force in the community. As a nonpartisan organization, it encourages informed and active participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Its goals are:
  • to establish positions on public policy through members' discussion and agreement
  • to influence public policies consistent with League positions
  • to monitor governmental bodies and commissions
  • to encourage citizen involvement in local, state and national government decisions
  • to promote participation in the election process

Members of the Denver League study local issues that they chose. After a topic is selected, a committee does in-depth research and presents the information to the members. They then discuss the issue and come to general agreement on a course of action. The Denver League has positions on health care, education, natural resources, women’s issues and juvenile justice. Only after careful study and consensus does League advocate on any of these issues. The Denver League also participates in state and national programs.

Leaguers deliberate about issues in one of two arenas, at unit meetings or general meetings. Small group discussions occur at the League’s units that meet at various times and places around the city, once or twice a month, September through May. General meetings are also held with informed members or outside speakers presenting the information.

While the Denver League is nonpartisan and does not support or oppose candidates or political parties, it does take positions on issues and acts on them. Our League Positions are documented on the national, state, and local levels.  See Advocacy for further information on our positions.