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League advocacy is based on program, which is the heart of the League of Women Voters as the basis for both education and action. Program consists of governmental issues chosen by the members for study, consensus, and ultimate action. Action can be taken only after study, which must include factual research, member discussion, and member agreement (consensus).

Action is a broad term; it can mean testifying before a local governing body, expressing League opinions in the media or in letters to officials, holding town meetings, or simply talking to a friend about LWV positions.

Briefly, Denver League’s positions are:

Support for a governmental system that is open, representative, responsive, accountable, efficient, fair in its treatment of all citizens, and in which responsibilities are clearly defined and assigned Support for a metro-wide governmental approach to the solution of metropolitan problems

Planning & Zoning, Community & Urban Renewal, & Citizen Participation
Support of measures which ensure sound planning for Denver and for plans which meet the physical, social, economic, educational, recreational, cultural, governmental and aesthetic needs of Denver’s people, with increased citizen participation in the decision-making process 
Support for measures which will improve the selection and preparation of law enforcement officers and which will improve police-community relations; more efficient methods for handling caseload in the Denver county court system; programs which lead to better rehabilitation of offenders; ways which ameliorate the drug problems in Denver

Juvenile Justice
Support for a municipal juvenile justice system which emphasizes meeting the needs of juveniles, while recognizing the community’s need for protection; includes a separate municipal court; is fair and impartial; is staffed by personnel trained to deal with juveniles; is adequately funded; is accountable and efficient; and provides programs appropriate to the offense, which stress counseling, restitution, and diversion over detention

Support of measures to ensure adequate and affordable housing for residents of all incomes; Support for the concept of public housing, including dispersed housing
Support for quality education for all Denver children, long-range planning of school facilities, programs more responsive to individual needs, and increasing communications between schools and community
Human Resources Program
Support for adequate funding of human resources programs which are of value to Denver’s people

Support for health care being available to all Denver residents and for consumers assuming more responsibility for becoming aware of costs of health care for themselves and their families
Cable Television
Support for strong, representative citizen involvement in planning a cable TV franchise, with the goal of protecting citizen interests. Following the grant of a franchise, the terms of the franchise should be monitored to ensure the continued protection of citizens' interests.

To see the full scope of the issues and the League Positions, click here. (pdf)

Recent Advocacy

League Sends a Letter to City Council - 7/8/2018

Dear Denver City Council:

We are calling on you to vote no on bill 18-614. We remain concerned about proposed changes to the Code of Ethics to allow gifts of significant value from a city department or agency to councilpersons or other city leaders. By defining donor to include only outside entities restricts the scope of the code.
A change to the Code is not mandated by the November 21 advisory opinion by the Board of Ethics because the opinion aligns with the code as currently written. In fact, the Board of Ethics is actively opposing the change.
Councilperson Flynn has argued keeping the ethics code as written opens a “rabbit hole” of problems. For example, he believes it would make it hard for employees to go out to lunch together, to give promotional items at events, or to put poinsettias in Council offices at Christmas. The advisory opinion does not change these types of regular city interactions because there are already twelve exceptions included in the current code to allow these types of exchanges.

Gifts of business class airline tickets from the Department of Aviation (an enterprise as defined by the Colorado Constitution) to Council members, however, are prevented by Section 2-60(a)(6). As the council votes on contracts over $500,000 from agencies, there is the potential for a direct line between these gifts and decisions by the Council.

This is an issue that calls for transparency in order for the citizens of Denver continue to have faith and trust in their elected officials and the government process, particularly in the current climate of mistrust of public institutions. There is a strong appearance of impropriety when elected officials choose to unilaterally decide an issue, which directly benefits these individuals, without the consideration and input of the Board of Ethics and citizens of Denver.
We continue to oppose the proposed changes to the Code of Ethics to expand the scope of excepted gifts. Only a deliberative, collaborative, and cooperative process between the Council and the Board of Ethics culminating in a Council vote should be used to make such a substantial change to the Code.

League of Women Voters of Denver