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The League of Women Voters-Denver is excited to launch its Socially Aware Book Club, where we aim to connect through conscious reading. We delve into literature that challenges perspectives, confronts societal norms, and celebrates diverse voices. Every quarter, we select a text that will spark conversation and foster an environment of respectful engagement, understanding, and action. We will review both contemporary and historical work ranging from pieces of poetry to novels.

We welcome members and non-members alike! Anyone and everyone looking for a respectful and safe environment to reflect, learn, and improve their social awareness in shaping a more empathetic community, one book at a time. 

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

You Better Be Lightning
By: Andrea Gibson, Colorado's Poet Laureate


You Better Be Lightning by Andrea Gibson is a queer, political, and feminist collection guided by self-reflection.

The poems range from close examination of the deeply personal to the vastness of the world, exploring the expansiveness of the human experience from love to illness, from space to climate change, and so much more in between.

One of the most celebrated poets and performers of the last two decades, Andrea Gibson’s trademark honesty and vulnerability are on full display in You Better Be Lightning, welcoming and inviting readers to be just as they are.

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you better be lightning

Past Meetups

Second Quarter, 2024

Speak, Okinama

By: Elizabeth Miki Brina

Speak, Okinawa blends Brina’s own narrative of being a confused young person finding her way with her parents’ stories about their lives and the history of Okinawa. For readers who are unfamiliar with Chinese-Japanese-Okinawan-American relations, the history of Okinawa, told in the first-person plural, is jarring in the most eye-opening way. The story is strongest when Brina connects the dots between the U.S. military’s colonization of Okinawa and her family’s, as well as her own, disrespect toward her mom. Assimilation is often touted as a goal for immigrants in the U.S., but Brina shows how difficult it is for someone to assimilate when they’re already branded as an outcast—especially within their own family.


First Quarter, 2024

Woman of Light

By: Kali Fajardo-Anstine

Written in Kali Fajardo-Anstine's singular voice, the wildly entertaining and complex lives of the Lopez family fill the pages of this multigenerational western saga. Woman of Light is a transfixing novel about survival, family secrets, and love, filled with an unforgettable cast of characters, all of whom are just as special, memorable, and complicated as our beloved heroine, Luz.