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Announcing ClubExpress Partnership with the League of Women Voters.

ClubExpress (our website vendor)  | Published on 12/7/2020
Press Announcement
For Immediate Release - April 8, 2020

Washington, DC and Chicago, IL – The League of Women Voters of the United States ( and ClubExpress ( have entered into a partnership to offer ClubExpress as a recommended association management platform to more than 750 state and local League of Women Voters chapters.

The League works at all levels of our democracy, including national, state, and local elections and politics. While the national office coordinates national initiatives and policies, much of the League’s important work is carried out by its state and local chapters. The League has partnered with ClubExpress to provide an option for Leagues that simplifies how they run their operations and improve communications with members, prospective members, and the public.

As part of this agreement, ClubExpress will add functionality to improve sharing from state and local Leagues up to the national office, improving financial management and ensuring that the national office always has current member and prospective member data. ClubExpress includes powerful features for multi-tier organizations like the League of Women Voters. The platform already supports sharing data, events, and communications between several local and state Leagues. 

“We have committed to bring ClubExpress into the League’s technology ecosystem as part of our goal to create a healthier League network and make the roster manager experience easier for our League volunteers,” said Jason Johnson, Director of Technology for the League of Women Voters of the United States. “Working with ClubExpress will eliminate redundancies in our work by streamlining data entry and brings us one step closer to a ‘join at all levels’ experience for engagers and members.”

The League of Women Voters was founded in 1920 to help women engage in the political process as they won the right to vote. Since then, the organization has evolved its mission to focus on national voter education, fighting voter suppression, protecting representative democracy, opposing hidden money in politics, defending proportional districts based on population, opposing gerrymandering based on partisan politics or race, and generally supporting fair and open elections as a critical part of American democracy.

ClubExpress launched its cloud-based, association management software (AMS) platform in 2004. Since then, it has grown to become one of the leading AMS products, winning multiple awards. ClubExpress provides membership-based organizations with their website, member and non-member databases, event calendar, document and photo libraries, online forums, surveys, email communications, payment processing, and dozens of other functions. Thousands of clubs and associations around the world use ClubExpress to run their complete front- and back-office.

“ClubExpress is proud to be affiliated with the League of Women Voters,” said Dan Ehrmann, co-founder and CEO of ClubExpress. “Democracy and voting rights continue to face challenges from multiple directions. The League plays a critical role in defending voting rights and ensuring fair elections and representation. ClubExpress offers solutions for Leagues to simplify their member management, improve data accuracy at all levels of the organization, strengthen communications, and improve financial management, allowing league staff and volunteers to focus more time and resources on the vital mission of the organization.”

For more information:

League of Women Voters 
Sarah Courtney 
Senior Director of Communications 

Dan Ehrmann
President and CEO