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LWVCO Board Briefing January 2021

LWVCO | Published on 1/28/2021
Jan. 13th, 2021

The LWVCO Board of Directors met virtually on January 13th, 2021 and began the meeting with an
icebreaker about what “for the love of democracy” means to each of them. The conversation was
lengthy and emotional. Notably, Irene Tynes shared a quote from Theodore C. Sorensen: “The good
news, to relieve all this gloom, is that a democracy is inherently self-correcting. Here, the people are
sovereign. Inept political leaders can be replaced. Foolish policies can be changed. Disastrous
mistakes can be reversed.” Most meeting time was dedicated to discussing proposed changes to
Bylaws and Policies and strategic planning to address the siege of the US Capitol. Directors’ reports,
committee reports, Policy 110.00, Article XI, and Nov. 11th meeting minutes were all reviewed and
approved in the consent agenda.
Joint Committee on Bylaws & Policies Report
Irene Tynes, Secretary, presented the work of the JCB&P, highlighting recent work revising Policy
110.00 and Article XI, which formalize proposed changes to LWVCO’s annual meeting. In review, the
committee shortened Bylaws and expanded Policies, following best practice recommendations. This
change allows LWVCO to remain nimble, as revising Policies is much easier than revising Bylaws.
Jean Fredlund, member of the JCB&P Committee, joined the call and explained the changes to Policy
110.00 in detail. Additionally, Cameron Manning explained the proposed changes to representation.
The changes to representation allow local leagues to qualify for a third delegate when they reach 25
members, instead of the previously required 28 members. The new Policy is also substantially easier
to understand and implement.
Toni Larson proposed renaming the annual Convention to “Annual Meeting.” The Board quickly
accepted this change. In summary, and following a vote from LWVCO membership, LWVCO will
hold one “Annual Meeting” annually, which will take the place of “Council” and “Convention.”
Details about the event program can be found in Policy 110.00.
The Board discussed the proposed procedural changes to program planning requests received
immediately before the Annual Meeting. Toni Larson suggested more time built into the procedure
to allow program planning to be voted on by the Board, and the Board settled on marking the new
procedure as an emergency action. Board members who have additional changes to Policy 110.00
were instructed to send additional proposals to Irene Tynes and Jean Fredlund, who will present to
the JCB&P.
The Board will vote on the complete proposed Bylaws at a later meeting.
Strategic Planning Conversation 
Beth Hendrix led a conversation about strategic planning, centered on the member meeting about
the recent siege of the US Capitol. She began by presenting action steps she put together based on
member feedback. They are as follows:
1. Send attendees LWVUS’s statement on the nonpartisan nature of the call for impeachment.
2. Send attendees info about the process of removing the President.
3. Send a letter to the Colorado Senators promoting removal of the President.
4. Promote Civics education in community.
5. Promote critical thinking/information literacy skills around bias.
6. Emphasize the importance of voting.
7. Expand perspectives in the League through increased diversity.
Beth Hendrix proposed creating task forces to lead members conversations around points 4 and 5
and forums around 6 and 7. The Board spoke at length about the list and appropriate actions. Barb
Whinery suggested approaching each item with a forum, and Bonnie Seals pointed out points 6 and
7 are repetitive of ongoing work. Toni Larson identified many of the membership’s concerns fall
under the topic of increased civics education, and Karen tied many challenges to technology and
media. Barb Whinery requested specificities and direction for the task forces, and Beth suggested
the task forces will determine their own direction. In conclusion, Karen Sheek and staff will address
points 1, 2, and 3, and the Board voted to create two task forces: 1. To promote civics education
and 2. To promote critical thinking information literacy skills including bias. The task forces will
begin with soliciting input from the membership to the definition of the tasks. The motioned
received unanimous support from the Board, and the Board was instructed to send additional items
to Beth for consideration and discussion.
JEDI Discussion
Barb Whinery celebrated the Board’s December racial equity training, and discussed her personal
journey around diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Board then shared their individual thoughts
about the training. In summary, they are looking forward to more action. Some thought the twohour length was appropriate, and some thought it insufficient to cover all the topics. They
discussed partnerships as DEI growth opportunities, and Beth Hendrix celebrated our ongoing
successes. The Board expressed repeated support of face-to-face meetings, and Barb floated the
idea of creating an advisory board and inviting our partners to join our meetings and events.
The JEDI Committee will meet soon to create a plan for the Spring. Finally, the Board concluded LL’s
are required to adopt a DEI policy due.
Beth Hendrix outlined upcoming events, including Leader of Democracy 2021, scheduled for
February 11th. The event is on-target, having confirmed more than 50 event ambassadors and
$21,000 in pledges so far. Filming is complete, and Beth encouraged the Board to invite their friends
and family. Additionally, Beth discussed the upcoming Legislative Conference and LWVCO grant
Finally, the Board celebrated recent news: LWVCO has received the Medallion Award from the
National Association of Secretary of States. The Colorado Secretary of State nominated LWVCO for
our work during the 2020 general election, with specific praise for the SQUINT program.
The LWVCO Board of Directors will meet again on March 10th