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LWVCO Board Briefs and Updates

Board Briefings


Dear LWVCO Members,


March has most certainly “come in like a lion,” but while many of you on the Front Range are probably hoping it will “go out like a lamb,” those of us on the Western Slope would love to see a lot more moisture to break the seemingly never-ending drought.

Convention 2021 is right around the corner — May 21-22. Staff, the Board, and local League leadership are already hard at work planning for this very important annual event. READ MORE HERE


The LWVCO Board of Directors met virtually on March 10th, 2021. The meeting began with an icebreaker led by LWVCO’s DEI Committee. The Board gathered in four-member virtual breakout rooms to discuss how the proposed Inclusion & Nondiscrimination Policy reflected LWVCO’s new approach to DEI. In summary, the Board appreciated how the policy held LWVCO accountable, addressed multiple components of DEI, and optimistically presented DEI as component of success rather than as a challenge to overcome. Following the icebreaker activity, the meeting was spent discussing LWVCO’s bylaws, the proposed FY 2021/2022 budget, and miscellaneous announcements. Directors’ reports, financials, and Jan. 13th meeting minutes were all reviewed and approved in the consent agenda.  READ MORE HERE

SB21-006: Jail Population Management Tools
Jeanette Abelman

On March 4, 2021, the Colorado Judiciary Committee held a hearing on SB-21-066, Jail Population Management Tools. While summarized as a bill “concerning measures to reduce jail populations”, its application extends far beyond its title.

The committee hearing lasted over seven hours and elicited testimony from over 50 witnesses, both opponents and proponents of the bill. This bill amends C.R.S. 16-4- 113, regarding the issuance of bonds; amends C.R.S. 16-11-206, regarding revocation of probation hearings; adds C.R.S. 30-10-528, concerning the sheriff’s management of the jail population; and repeals C.R.S. 16-5-206 (1.5), regarding the issuance of a summons in lieu of warrant.

The bill has three main components. First, it 
authorizes peace officers to issue a court summons in lieu of making an arrest and limits the offenses that result in arrest. Next, it prohibits the court from imposing a monetary condition of release unless certain conditions are met; and last, it authorizes sheriffs to manage their jail populations by establishing admission standards. 

House Bill 1034: Consumer Right to Use Natural Gas or Propane
Amy Sherwood
House Bill 1034 was introduced on February 16 and was assigned to House and Environment. It invalidates state and local policies that limit the use of powered systems or appliances that use natural gas and propane in homes and businesses, except as safety purposes. The bill was heard on March 3. The use of fossil fuels in buildings is a major cause of air pollution. The burning of fossil fuels, both natural gas and propane, for energy sources harms human health through the release of toxic gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc. Building heating and cooling systems that are run by gas or propane contribute to indoor and outdoor pollution, and these poisonous gases are also the cause of the climate change emergency.

This bill is prohibitive and would lock us into using an outdated and dangerous form of  energy, which many municipalities choose to end. We need to achieve net-zero-carbon building stock before 2050. Ending fossil fuel use in new buildings and upgrading to electric methods creates new jobs and saves homeowners money by omitting gas lines and reduces emissions both indoors and outdoors. Energy efficient building investment is rising globally.

LWV believes that an interrelated approach to combat climate change through energy conservation, air pollution controls, building resiliency, and promotion of renewable resources is necessary to protect public health and defend the integrity of the global ecosystem.

The bill was postponed indefinitely on a 7-5 vote.

House Bill 1162: Management of Plastic Products
Amy Sherwood

HB21-1162 was introduced on March 3 and repeals current law that prohibits the ban of sale or use of plastic materials or products. It was assigned to the House Energy and Environment Committee and passed to the Committee on Finance on March 11 by a vote of 8-5.
On the topic of Single Use Plastic Bags: it sets Sept. 1, 2021 as the beginning date to charge $.10 (or more based on municipality) per reusable plastic bags and recycled paper bags at stores and retail food establishments. READ MORE HERE

CLICK HERE to see Colorado's Economic and Revenue Forecast for March 2021, presented by Focus Colorado and the Legislative Council staff

HB21-1103 Media Literacy Implementation (Action Alert distributed 3/17/21 in support): the bill passed third reading in the House yesterday and will now be introduced in the Senate.
Equal Rights Amendment (Action Alert distributed 3/16/21 in support of removal of the ratification deadline): the U.S. House of Representatives voted 222-204 to remove the ratification deadline on 3/17/21; the bill moves to the Senate as S.J. Res. 1.
HB21-1162 Management of Plastic Products (Action Alert distributed 3/11/21 in support): the bill successfully moved from the House Energy & Environment Committee to the Committee on Finance, where it remains.
HB21-1071 Ranked Choice Voting in Nonpartisan Elections (Action Alert distributed 2/22/21 in support): the bill successfully passed out of the House State, Civic, Military, and Veterans Affairs on 2/22/21 and passed the House Finance Committee on 3/11/21 on a 7-4 vote. It's now with Appropriations.

United We Sit

In response to LWV of the Gunnison Valley's United We Sit, Divided We Fail campaign, Rep. Julie McCluskie will hold a town hall via Zoom to discuss breaking down barriers and finding common ground in the Legislature.
TUESDAY, MARCH 30th at 8:00am
Free of charge -- all are welcome

Civics Education Task Force
Tuesday, March 30 at 5:30pm via Zoom
Link will be sent upon registration

Presidents Calls 4.21
(aka Presidents Calls)
Wed., April 6 at 5:30pm: REGISTER HERE
Thurs., April 7 at 10:30am: REGISTER HERE




2021 Convention
Standing Up for Democracy!
May 21 - 22
via Zoom
League members may expect Final Call to Convention on April 6.
Click here for the Convention 2021 webpage.
Nominations for awards are open and due April 12!


LWVCO Climate Emergency Task Force logo
Climate change is in the process of changing everything. Models have shown that political responses to climate change can lead to drastically different futures. Inaction is not an option. What are the human consequences? What is your passion? How can we as the League of Women Voters help to shape the future?
The LWVCO Climate Emergency Task Force is up and running, and committees are working on Action possibilities. Areas of interest include public health, air, food supply, water, transportation, energy, and human migration. If you do not see your passion in that list, or if there's a climate issue that particularly affects your community, you can start a new topic and committee. We think all areas should include the topic of climate justice.

If you are interested in learning more or thinking of joining a committee, please email us at