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January Briefing Recap - What's up with the Mayoral Election?

Pearlanne Zelarney | Published on 1/26/2023

January Briefing Recap
What's Up with the Mayoral Election?

Kyle Harris from The Denverite gave an entertaining and informative look at the upcoming mayoral election in Denver.  Leaguers on the Zoom call gave back in the chat concerns that they would like Kyle and The Denverite to cover going forward.  Discussion ensued over ranked choice voting (RCV) and Patty Cordova followed up after the briefing with more information. Although LWVD passed a resolution in 2020 supporting RCV and many communities are turning to it as successful alternative to plurality voting, it has yet to get significant support from our clerk and recorder or city council.  We may see an article on this and other topics soon. 

From Kyle, "Thanks again for the chance to chat with you all! I hope it was as fruitful for the participants as it was for me. There will be many stories coming out of this chat!"  Still 20 candidates as we go to press (sufficient or write-in).