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How Do You Plan to Help with the Bulb Sale?

Marty Sloven | Published on 4/6/2023

How Do You Plan to Help with the Bulb Sale?

Alibi Tulip_smallThe Bulb Sale, our major fundraiser for over 30 years, is underway. Last year, our sales were down, so we want our members to commit right now to making this a more successful sale. New members, please plan to join in the effort this year.

Our supplier of directly-from-Holland bulbs has been the same generous company all this time. Our friend Peter has informed us that he is retiring this year. What that means for the bulb sale, we aren’t sure. We plan to meet with him soon to learn more, but because of these uncertain economic times and increased shipping costs, this might be our last year of the sale as we know it.

Therefore, we want every member to do what you can to make the sale a success. We will sell primarily in May and June, but we will get more information to you in April. Please make a commitment now. If you have questions, please ask.

Marty Sloven ( and the Bulb Sale Team