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One Issue on the Fall 2023 Denver Ballot

Diane Young | Published on 8/23/2023
There will be one Denver issue on this fall’s ballot, an ordinance change that was referred by City Council and pertains to Denver Preschool program funding.

This ordinance asks voters to remove the previously voted on expiration date of December 2026 for the current sales and use tax that is dedicated for funding the Denver Preschool Program and extends the tax with no deadline.


A bill for an ordinance removing the December 31, 2026 expiration date of the existing 0.15 percent sales and use tax dedicated to funding the Denver Preschool Program, and extending the tax until such authority is altered or repealed, subject to the approval of the voters at a special municipal election to be conducted in coordination with the state general election on November 7, 2023.
The Committee approved filing this item at its meeting on May 2, 2023.

More information as well as the pros and cons of this issue will be coming soon. We may be scheduling a briefing on this issue and the two state issues in October.